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Electrical Repairs & Upgrades in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Just Electric, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is proud to offer a full range of electrical repairs and upgrades to both residential and commercial customers.

Our company offers service for everything from inspections to changing out your service box.

Commercial Service Upgrades
Older commercial buildings often still have an 800-amp system, but for modern businesses, this is not enough. Our electrical upgrades allow for larger amp boxes and more power for your building so that you meet the requirements for modern computers and electrical appliances.

If your building has multiple storefronts and you're looking to add more, but don't have the meter space, our local electricians can upgrade your system so that the power company regulates the power. Our service upgrades are the power command of the building. Our recent clients include American Eagle Outfitters® and Best Buy®.

Residential Service Upgrades
Residential upgrades can convert old 60-amp fuse boxes to 200-amp breaker systems. This makes the home safer by providing a more reliable system, as well as the necessary power for modern technology.

If you are adding on to your property, such as installing a hot tub or pool, or just don't have enough breaker space, you can call us to install up to a 200-amp breaker panel.

Electrician with Wire, Electrical Upgrades in Pittsburgh, PA
Old-Style Lightbulb, Electrical Repairs in Pittsburgh, PA

All of our service upgrades include a new outside entrance cable, meter socket, updated grounding, and new breaker panel. Additionally, upgrades include an electrical inspection from a certified electrical inspector. Pricing is as follows:

• 100-Amp Service: Starting at $900 • 150-Amp Service: Starting at $1150 • 200-Amp Service: Starting at $1450

Electrical Installations
Our electrical services don't stop with major upgrades - we handle the little things too. Our trained, professional electricians can safely install light fixtures, fans, switches, outlets, and generators, and offer service for many areas of new and existing construction. Dedicated outlets can be added for bathrooms and kitchens, and additions, such as hot tubs and liens for pools, can be worked on as well. Our professionals also maintain:

• Circuit Breakers
• Data Wiring
• Electrical Boxes
• Motors
• Junction Boxes
• Underground Wires

A full, electrical safety inspection is just $95. This troubleshooting service provides peace of mind and helps to find unknown problems in your electrical system. To ensure you're safe, or discover why your power seems to be unreliable, request our inspection service. Problems will be located, and repair or replacement of the malfunctioning unit will be done quickly.

Contact us today in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to request an estimate for an electrical service upgrade for your property.